Shirley Ray CBA

Balloon Art

Shirley Ray is a world class balloon artist, highly respected in the balloon industry - she is a CBA (certified balloon artist) and for many years worked for Qualatex as one of their approved Instructors. As an International instructor Shirley created and taught her own balloon designs at many balloon conventions and events throughout the world.

Shirley is delighted to have received recognition of her work as the first person outside America and incidentally the first lady, to be awarded the prestigious Ralph Dewey "Twister of the Year" award, presented for Balloon Twisting Excellence and her contribution to the art of Balloon Modelling.



Shirley is a third generation magician and is proud to be a past President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring no.25.

Following in her family's footsteps she has many years experience in providing entertainment for children's parties and corporate events. and has won many awards in the world of magic including the Harold McMillan Shield, the top Scottish Association of Magicians (S.A.M.S.)  award for stage magic. In1994, at the famous Blackpool Magicians Convention, Shirley gained the title British Ladies Magical Champion. 



After many, many happy years in providing entertainment  Shirley and her husband Dave have now both retired from the entertainment and music industry however they are still passionate about their art Dave in music and Shirley with her love for balloons, art, magic, theatre and crafts is never short of an outlet for her creativity.


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